Charity History

How it all began
The Club was formed in 1976, and for many years scores of young people met in an old wartime asbestos nissen hut.

However, it was envisaged that a new building could be utilised not only for the young, but also to cater for the needs of the local community as a whole. A programme of fund-raising began and in 1986 the Club gained charitable status. Sufficient funding was raised and the new building opened in 1989.

Extension to the building Further fund-raising enabled a much-needed extension to be built in 1994, to meet the demands.

The expansion continued… The next project provided a further building extension and improvements to fulfil present and future young people’s and community demands. Phase 3 was completed in September 2000.

The latest project was the Skate Park and Youth Lodge which started construction in April 2004, opening for young people April 2005.