Charity History

Perdiswell Young People’s Leisure Club is a well-established, self-supporting,
independent, charitable organisation, our aims are to help and educate young
people in the City of Worcester and surrounding districts and to support other
charitable organisations, with the emphasis on individuals who are in some way
disadvantaged. A team of dedicated voluntary and paid staff undertake various
roles and activities to further the Club’s aims.

The Club was formed in 1976, and for many years scores of young people met in
an old wartime asbestos nissen hut.

However, it was envisaged that a new
building could be utilised not only for the young, but also to cater for the needs
of the local community as a whole. A programme of fund-raising began and in
1986 the Club gained charitable status. Sufficient funding was raised and the
new building opened in 1989.

Further fund-raising enabled a much-needed
extension to be built in 1994, to meet the demands.

In 2000 we provided a further two-storey building consists of an extended
reception area, a large multipurpose activity room, large purpose built training
rooms a lift for the disabled to the first floor, extra toilet facilities including
disabled, and an office.

We have continued to improve the Club’s facilities and the main activity rooms benefit from sprung floors and/or air conditioning.  The large extended kitchen is fully equipped to cater for large numbers of the community and a loop system is available for those with hearing difficulties.

As a result of consultation with young people countywide and following successful fundraising during 2004/05 we provided a Skate Park and Youth Lodge for the young people of Worcester and surrounding areas.  The Skate Park is  constructed of concrete and includes bowls, flat banks, spines and various ramps that meet the different skill levels of wheeled sports enthusiasts.  The Youth Lodge provides a social activity area, snack bar, toilets, first aid room and office.  The Perdiswell Skate Park facility received a ‘Highly Recommended’ award in the City of Worcester Award Scheme 2005, for its contribution as a young people’s facility and asset to the City.

The Skate Park is open daily and benefits from automated led floodlighting during the darker evenings.  Access to the Park and the positive activities supervised by youth workers in the Youth Lodge are provided free of charge, enabling all young people, including youngsters from poorer families experiencing the physical and social effects of poverty and disadvantage, to take part; there are no barriers to the number or length of time that they can participate in activities or practice their sport. 

Further young people’s educational and recreational activities are offered in the
Club’s main building, including Senior and Junior Youth Clubs, an Inclusion
Project for young people with disabilities, complex health needs and challenging
behaviour, Summer Activity Schemes and Special Events.

The Club’s minibuses are used throughout the year for transporting young
people attending our activities and are also made available to enable many other
youth clubs and groups in the City to organise their own programmes of trips
and activities.

We provide a focus for the community and over the years has provided numerous children’s and young people’s educational and recreational activities and trips, including youth clubs, camping trips, competitions, educational workshops, programmes of activities for young people with disabilities and complex health needs, pre‑school and toddler groups, school holiday playschemes/activity schemes, craft workshops, children’s parties, fun days and hosting special events.  The Club works in partnership with other young people’s charities and agencies and has participated in various local community events including the National Play Day, Worcester Carnival, Christmas Tree Festival, Worcester’s Big Parade and the Worcester Festival of Water.  Young people are encouraged to take an active part in the running and management of activity sessions and various other Club events. 

Many other young people’s groups use our facilities to hold their activities and
training events. Young people take an active part in the running and management of youth club sessions and various other Club events. During the daytime the Club offers facilities for all ages of the community.